Sunday, July 25, 2010

U.S. entertainment spending

A large amount of data. Maybe even too big ... But the whole creates a fairly coherent story.
We start from a pie chart with the structure of expenditures. Itis very clever to introduce already at this stage symbols for categories of the expenditures, which are later displayed on the map of states. The only pity is that the colors are inconsistent. Could be easier to read. I would also consider combining graph with the table next to it.
Breakdown of expenditures on entertainment below the chart is well done. 
I wonder what is the rationale behind placing on the map pre-tax income next to the expenditures. What is the value added from this information? If you want in addition to say something about savings, it would be better to present disposable income, ie after tax.
The last section on the types of entertainment probably could be improved. Let's compare data on ticket sales in cinemas and home entertainment (DVD...) in 2008 (the bottom of the crisis?). Expenditures on entertainment outside the home decreased, while slightly more was spent for entertaining at home. Interesting phenomenon, is not it?

Source: Visual Economics

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